0x7c0 Labs

Dual-stack communications infrastructure

0x7c0 (AS400861) is a non-profit research ISP which hosts a number of value-aligned services for public use, and provides dual-stack transit to communities working to promote positive social change. We believe that this world is far from the best world possible.

We are IX-connectable on DE-CIX and Any2West, and have direct routes to Google, Cloudflare, Fastly, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Netflix.


We support the Internet Archive with ephemeral storage and compute infrastructure to facilitate the digitization and preservation of materials for free access by researchers, historians, and academics.
Our network operates invidious and searx instances, services which remove intrusive trackers and ads from upstream content providers, and make available user-friendly, accessible interfaces operable using screen readers and previous-generation hardware.
We support activists, journalists, refugees, and political dissidents by providing secure, no-cost internet connectivity over transports which circumvent oppressive systems of censorship and surveillance.
To support digital libraries, encourage the free and open distribution of information, and promote values of friendliness, warmth, and sharing, we operate a bittorrent tracker.
We operate RIPE Atlas probes to contribute network measurements to systems which unify disparate views of the internet ecosystem and document adverse routing, congestion, spoofing, and censorship events.