0x7c0 Labs

Dual-stack communications infrastructure

0x7c0 (AS400861) is a non-profit research ISP which provides which provides no-cost dual-stack transit to organizations and communities working to effectuate positive social change.

We are IX-connectable on DE-CIX, DenverIX, KCIX, MICE, and SIX exchanges.


We support digital libraries like the Internet Archive with storage and computational infrastructure to facilitate the preservation and distribution of digitized materials for free access by researchers, historians, and scholars.
To improve the usability of popular services like YouTube and search engines, we operate invidious and searx instances, services which mediate requests with upstream service providers to remove trackers and ads, and provide user-friendly, intuitive interfaces operable using screen readers and previous-generation hardware.
We operate traffic relays to provide secure, private Internet connectivity to communities around the world, and a matrix homeserver to support decentralized, cryptographically-secure (PFS) communications.